15 Day Minimalist Challenge: Day 13

Read my previous post of Minimalist Challenge: Day 12 here. 


As I continue the challenge of clearing out my house junk and emotional baggage, I’ve noticed some continuous big patterns in my spending habits:

  1. Everything I threw away or donated was of bad quality, ill-fitting and had a short life span, resulting in frequent replacement and costing more than 1 good quality item.
  2. Everything I’m selling are clothes that are trendy and fashion-conscious and while the majority are good quality, they quickly look outdated when new trends come in.
  3. My make-up is mainly cheap quality brands, and I tend to buy high quantities of low quality make-up that doesn’t last, doesn’t match my tones or are impulse purchases and never get used.

Once I’ve finished this Minimalist Challenge, my goal is slowly build up a wardrobe that only has 1) designer pieces due to the quality/craftsmanship and 2) high quality basics. Buying designer can become expensive however sourcing it second hand or in op-shops cuts the cost down to a fraction and is more attainable for me without sacrificing on quality. I’m extending these ‘rules’ to include home and bathroom.


Threw: 6

  • 2x towels which had stains on them
  • 2x old sports bras that fit badly
  • 2x boxes of old biscuits and cake slices that had been living in the fridge for too long….

Donated: 2

  • 2x sports leggings which are too small and uncomfortable to wear

Selling: 2

  • 1x trestle table
  • 1x leather belt I hadn’t worn in 2 years

Tonight’s work: 10 items


Minimalism Challenge Summary:

  • Total items thrown/donated/sold: 91
  • Days covered: 13 (only 2 days to go!!)


Read my next and final Minimalist Challenge post on Day 14 and 15 here.


xx Miss Piggy

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