15 Day Minimalist Challenge: Day 12

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The struggle is real, folks. The struggle is real.

This real.


And even more real.



As I reach the double-digit days I’m finding it harder to find things to get rid of. The items I’ve already donated, thrown or put aside items to sell on ebay were the ‘easy’ give aways – things which I knew I didn’t like or want anymore but was too lazy to get rid of them.

There is still a few things I don’t use and no longer want, but the sentimentality and memories that’s attached to the item is something that halts my progress and stops me from de-cluttering. Before I dismiss the item as something I need and can’t throw away, I ask myself whether the issue is the memories attached to it as opposed to the functionality or joy I get from its use. Have I used it in the past year? Does it still fit? Am I reallllyyyy going to lose 7kg in the next 6 months to fit into it again (ha.)?

The items that I struggled to get rid of were souvenirs from holidays or gifts from close friends. When donating or selling something that was a gift makes me feel guilty, however the item is no longer practical or useful and just sits accumulating dust for years.

The other problem I have is that while there are many things I’d like to get rid of, I still need them until I can get a replacement which I can’t afford right now 😦 This is something that will come in time (i.e. next pay day!). So in the meantime, I’ve settled for mending holey socks…literally.

So overall, day 12 of the Challenge was the most difficult so far. I’ve filtered through my wardrobe, bathroom and living room twice… even raided the fridge out of desperation. But, I finally completed day 12!!


Selling on eBay: 5

  • 1x leather wallet
  • 2x clutches
  • 1x old iPhone
  • 1x jumpsuit

Donated: 3

  • 1x pair of flat, white, leather sling-backs which I found so uncomfortable
  • 1x pair of simple black pumps which are too small
  • 1x hoodie

Thrown: 5

  • 1x random sock found in coffee table (I’m getting desperate here)
  • 1x old completely used notebook found in coffee table (so, so desperate!)
  • 2x pairs of gross unshapely underwear
  • 1x tub of parmesan cheese in the fridge that expired last year

Total: 13 items


Minimalism Challenge Summary:

  • Total items thrown/donated/sold: 81
  • Days covered: 12


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xx Miss Piggy

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