15 Day Minimalist Challenge: Days 10 to 11

Read how the previous days went in previous post Minimalist Challenge: Days 6 to 9.


I forgot that a couple of months ago I went on big clean-out of the bathroom so my hopes of a Genghis Khan-style raid of every drawer and crevice turned out to be more of a sad effort at throwing out old bits and bobs which had been hiding or unused and forgotten.

My hopes of emptying out my bathroom drawers from crusty bottles and flaky make-up ended up being deflated since organised, meticulous, past-moi had already cleaned out the joint. The best I was able to do was throw out some old make-up I didn’t like and hadn’t used in a year, donate and throw away some costume jewellery which I don’t use anymore. While I still have a lot of products left over, every single bottle or make-up is regularly used.

While I’m happy to spend little on skincare as I have sensitive skin and prefer plain dermatologist products, I’ve noticed all of my beauty products are quite cheap and nasty. As the products run out, I’m aiming to slowly replace my make-up with something a little more luxurious and of much better quality. I don’t wear a lot of make-up so a handful of items which last longer would most likely cost as much as the cheap products which I replace regularly or throw out from dislike and disuse.


Thrown: 13

  • 3x old nail polish bottles
  • 2x pairs of broken earrings
  • 2x eyeliners
  • 1x old mascara
  • 1x old blush
  • 1x old lip balm
  • 1x sample body wash
  • 1x random lightbulb
  • 1x make-up palette

Donated: 10

  • 6x pairs of costume jewellery
  • 2x costume rings
  • 2x pairs of sunglasses

Today’s loot: 23 items


Minimalism Challenge Summary:

  • Total items thrown/donated/sold: 68
  • Days covered: 11

Four days to go and 52 items to throw out! I’m not sure whether I actually have 52 items to get rid of….

Read how the Minimalist Challenge went for Day 12 here.

xx Miss Piggy



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