15 Day Minimalist Challenge: Days 6 to 9

I’ve reached the halfway mark of the Minimalist Challenge! Read Minimalist Challenge Days 1 to 5 here.



All I could think about at work was getting home and de-cluttering my apartment to complete this challenge. Once my toe was in the apartment doorway, I went on a de-cluttering rampage that would have made Genghis Kan proud. I raided my wardrobe, my underwear drawer, my shoe collection and ended with my bathroom, which I showed mercy to before I completely destroy it tomorrow.

There were so many things that I had accumulated and stored in my wardrobe but outgrown the style, outgrown the size or hadn’t used as it was stylish but uncomfortable and therefore impractical. It was apparent that everything I was throwing out or donating of was low quality and had very short life spans, costing more to constantly replace.

My trip back home over Christmas and New Years was the first time I checked in luggage; usually all I take on is a carry-on bag which is enough for up to 3 weeks of travel and many occasions from cocktail to casual. The trip proved my travel strategy correct yet again – only a handful of items are regularly used and the rest just take up space. I used only 1/2 of what I had packed in my 13kg suitcase, so a 7kg carry-on is more than sufficient every single time. No need to wait for luggage in the baggage collection!

Thrown: 19

  • 6x pairs of old socks that had lost the elastic or bought on impulse and were too small
  • 6x old underwear which had lost shape, were too small or bad quality
  • 2x bottles of perfume which had gone off
  • 1x pair of misshapen cotton gloves used
  • 1x adhesive bra – old and doubt I’d ever use this ugly thing again.
  • 1x pair of strappy stilettoes which I had worn to death and still showed signs of late nights on a club dance floor. Gross.
  • 1x clippy hanger for the steamer. Impractical and more annoying than useful.
  • 1x eyeshadow pallet. So old the foam on the tiny applicator had melted.

Donated: 4

  • 1x designer bra that I outgrew
  • 1x black body-con work dress
  • 1x black fur scarf. Kept me warm for years but now it’s time to let this one go.
  • 1x pair of strappy white stilettos which were cheap, low quality and uncomfortable so rarely wore

Selling on eBay: 7

  • 2x designer jackets which I outgrew in style and size
  • 2x tops
  • 2x pairs of heels
  • 1x skirt

Today’s haul: 30 items


Tomorrow’s next victim: The Bathroom


Minimalism Challenge Summary:

  • Total items thrown/donated/sold: 45
  • Days covered: 9


Read how the Minimalist Challenge continued here for Days 10 to 11.


xx Miss Piggy

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