15 Day Minimalist Challenge: Days 1 to 5

To break into the New Year and follow through with my New Years resolution to get rid of any items which no longer create value for me or have been accumulated and just creating clutter, I’m starting with a 15 Day Minimalist Challenge.



I found out about the idea initially through Sugar Mamma – a Sydney FI/budget youtube channel – where she vlogs about her full 30 day Minimalism Challenge.  The original creators of the game were ‘The Minimalists’ – a minimalist duo who created a de-cluttering minimalist game over a course of a month to simplify their lives. It goes like this: On the 1st day one item is donated, sold or thrown out. On the 2nd day, two items are removed; day 3, three items are removed and so on. By the end of the month, a total of 465 items will have been donated, sold or thrown.


I’m starting small with a 15 day Minimalism Challenge, mainly because I don’t think there are enough items in my apartment to get rid of to do a full 30 Day Challenge. A half-month challenge will be a total of 120 items thrown, sold (or put on eBay) or donated by 15th January.


As I’m a terrible procrastinator, I see it as procrastination-proof way to push myself to get rid of anything which isn’t contributing or adding any value to my life, and really question what I do need and what has been accumulated without having a purpose. Hopefully in the process I can also make some money selling unwanted garments which I can put towards my shares fund!

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 9.50.50 pm.png


This evening I raided my wardrobe and removed any garments which I know I haven’t worn or used in at least a year. This was easy. Within 10 minutes I had pulled out 15 items which I knew I wouldn’t miss, covering Days 1 to 5. So far, so good!


Donated: 4

  • 2x Balinese silk scarves
  • 1x Black Jeans
  • 1x ball dress (worn once at a uni ball years ago)

Selling on eBay: 11

  • 3x tops
  • 2x white blouses
  • 2x black pencil skirts
  • 1x Russian fur hat
  • 1x leather clutch
  • 1x vintage 1950s dress
  • 1x pair of shorts


Minimalism Challenge Summary:

  • Total items thrown/donated/sold: 15
  • Days covered: 5


I’d love to hear from you if you’d completed a Minimalist Challenge or similar.Do you have any tips and tricks which you used to push you through to the end of the game?


To read my next post on Minimalist Challenge Days: 6-9, click here. 


xx Miss Piggy



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