My relaxing, frugal Saturday

Mr. Piggybanks flew away to Bali for a week-long bucks party, so I was left to my own devices – a solo girl’s pamper day!

This is my second weekend watching my costs. The best thing about focusing on activities that are more value-adding and less costly is that I’m making plans and taking actions with intent. I’m not going out as much, don’t feel obliged to go out when I’d rather stay at home and feeling much happier as a result.


Today began with brunch with a visiting friend at my favourite cafe, tucking into simple but delicious toast with a lot French salted butter and berry jam and two lattes to get me ready for the day. This set me back $30 as I covered breakfast for both myself and my friend.

After, I organised for my most comfortable walking shoes to be repaired after puncturing a hole in the top of my shoe with my toes. I bought these from Muji a year ago and they’ve survived some hard wear over the past year, but weren’t damaged enough to be thrown out. The cost for the hole to be repaired with leather was $24 but I asked for a discount and paid $20. That’s $0.05 a day for the extra year of wear.

While waiting for my shoes to be repaired I treated myself to a Vogue magazine which came with a cute free tee with a Victor & Rolf sketch on it. This was a lucky find as I’ve been looking to buy some basic tees for summer. Also found some gorgeous Megan Hess illustrated card sets at the news agency and paid $3 for 24 cards which I can use for Christmas! Spent $10 on a Vogue magazine (with free tee) and $3 Christmas cards, but saved $30 by not buying a tee from Zara.

I spent the day sunbathing by the pool, reading my Vogue and swimming, which was so relaxing. I can’t emphasise how nice it to have the luxury to relax in my own home (or apartment building), enjoy a sparkling water from home while pouring over the glamorous and glossy Vogue pages, and swim and sunbathe under the sun. Spent $0, satisfaction 100%.

Afterwards I cleaned the house as I’m having a couple of friend’s over tomorrow for drinks instead of going out and then watched TV. Ate left over pizza and bacon-wrapped asparagus with ingredients already in the fridge. Spent $0.

Watched some Youtube videos on FI and minimalism and cleared out 11 items from my wardrobe. Every season I donate or sell unused clothes or accessories from my wardrobe with the aim of decluttering and consolidating my wardrobe to simple, high quality pieces. Today I donated 3 items (2 sunglasses, 1 pair of shoes) and posted 9 items on ebay (2 items has just sold!). Spent $0, earned $60.

Overall, spent $30 (brunch) + $20 (shoe repair) + $13 (Vogue mag and cards), but earned $60. Profit: $7 for the day. So happy with this!

I would love to hear what you do on the weekends which are fun, value-adding with the added bonus of also being frugal. Please write your recommendations below!

xx Miss Piggy

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