From Fashion to Financial Independence: A little bit about Miss Piggy


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Miss Piggy (me) is a mid-20-something year old who has just started the path to financial independence.


This personal blog is not focusing on how to get rich (though hopefully this will be a positive side effect). This is a blog that’s going to catalogue my journey towards having the financial freedom to have the choice to do what I want, when I want.


I’ve always been entrepreneurial, money-minded and (in the lead up to payday) more frugal than a Jew, however in the past three of years following graduation I found myself leading a high-consumption lifestyle, working pay-check to pay-check and working stable jobs which pay the living costs of adulting while increasingly becoming more distanced from my dreams. As my living costs increased, my entrepreneurial spirit and risk tolerance decreased, because you know, those ridiculous Sydney rents. Time to turn this around!


Why do I want FI? Pretty simple. I want to:

  • Have enough F.U.* money to not have to chain myself to a job I don’t particularly like in order to pay the bills
  • Be able to travel around the world on extended trips (3+ months) without worrying about how I will afford it or having to get approval to take more than 1 week of annual leave
  • Focus all my time and energy on doing things that I love and value. I don’t want to spend years doing work I don’t love to get to do the level to do work I might like.


How am I going to do this? I’ve pin-pointed three ways I am going to work towards to achieve FI, from least to most difficult:

  • Minimise expenses
  • Invest with a focus on passive income
  • Build income from a side business


What is my time frame?

  • I’m aiming for $1 million dollars by the year 2025.
  • Using a 4% withdrawal rate, this would give me a total yearly living allowance of $40,000. Not glitzy but pretty comfortable. Nine years to go… the countdown begins!


xx Miss Piggy


*F.U. Money is having enough money to literally say bugger off to a job, boss, working the 9-5, status quo etc and having the financial freedom to make your own choices without turning into a financial hobo (or just a hobo in that instance).



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